Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is there a Difference Between Delibrate Deceit and LYING? Dalton McGuinty; "We Got The Best Advise We Could"

On Wednesday November 18th, 2009 at 9 am about 100 people stood out in the cold in front of Toronto's Queens Park building to support Cheri Di Novo's private members "Bill 222". Some came from as far away as Sarnia, London and Owen Sound.

In the press conference with Cheri was renowed lawyer Clayton Ruby and Cathy Provo from the Dog Legislation Council of Canada.

These warriors for democracy want to see an end to legalized discrimination and profiling within the Province of Ontario. They want to maintain "innocent until proven guilty" and the removal of"reverse onus" or "guilty and must prove innocence". They want the freedom for Ontarians to travel freely across Canada and an end to warrantless entry; all as stated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and last but not least; an end to killing dogs based only on looks. They truly believe that ALL people in the province of Ontario should be treated fairly and equally under law.
Cheri Di Novo at the press conference;

Later in the day, when the press questioned Dalton McGuinty on Bill 222; removing the breed specific aspects of Ontario's Dog Owners Liability Act, McGunity said "we got the best advise we could and put in place legislation which we think upholds public safety".

Did Dalton NOT attend or read the debates or did he delibrately deceive the facts? He worded his response carefully and with reason. His statement was a hairline away from a bold faced lie.

There were 43 "experts" against the ban and the one "expert" for the ban was "English Nannies Dogs Inc." a dog walking operation from Michael Bryants riding.

When Dalton made that statement "we got the best advise we could", not a single reporter in the swarn asked the question, "did you LISTEN to the experts because the REAL answer was a resounding NO. The "experts" were totally ignored.
Ah, the Canadian media.
While the list of real "experts", which were AGAINST the ban is very LONG, I will mention a few here.
American Veterinary Medical Association
Animal Alliance of Canada
Canadian Association of Professional Dog Trainers
National Companion Animal Coalition
Ontario Society For the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals
Ontario Veterinary Association
Toronto Humane Society and.... the list of REAL experts goes on and on and on.

One can read the full list of experts in the link below.
I personally believe there is a very fine line between lying and deceit and if one would delibrately"misinform" the public on this issue, it really leaves the question as to how much deceit is being prepetulated on the people of Ontario regarding finances, business contracts, etc.

God help us in Ontario, each and everyone.
Quote by Michael Bryant, one of the main architect's of Ontario's BSL.
"You don't ask a Attorney General to be the dog expert....The bottom line is it's going to be up to the experts".

UPDATE: Bill 222 is NOW called Private Members Bill 60 and is also known as "Hershey's Bill.