Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ontario's BAN on Dogs Hits a Milestone

Who would have ever thought five years ago, come August 29th of this year, Ontario would make dogs Public Enemy Number One? However, that is exactly what happened when the Liberal government put a ban in place putting all short haired medium dogs at risk of being taken out of good, loving and responsible homes and either killed, sent out of province (if they were lucky) or as bad, sent to research facilities.

Their crime? Looks and looks alone. The owners crime? Loving a pet with no regard to what their pet might LOOK like.

Records show that in 2007 alone one Ontarian every 3 days was charged with a provincial offence for owning an "illegal" dog and sadly these are owners who decided their family pets were worth fighting for and did not give in to the usual "give us your dog and you will not be charged" intimidation being spoken by so many animal control officers today.

These owners then would be made to do something that is against the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms and that is to prove themselves innocent.

"Oh Ontario, I hardly know ye".

Please join dog owners on August 29th, 2010 at Coronation Park in the City of Toronto as we attempt to end this senseless and darconian legislation?