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October 4th, 2012
Dear Government House Leader
In the last three days during legislative question and answer period you personally have accused opposition parties of promoting "guilty until proven innocent".
How hypocritical as THAT is exactly what you, your party members and Dalton McGuinty did to thousands and thousands of Ontario citizens when your party passed the 2005 New Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA).  It was your party that actually legislated "reverse onus" and took away presumption of innocence.  
Sir do you have any idea how many responsible citizens have gone to court to save their non-offending family pets lives since 2005?  Ontario citizens automatically guilty when no crime  committed?  Yet you have spent days in legislature lamenting the possibility of same for a single person because he is a colleague of yours?
We know from one web site alone Queens Park Liberals have received over 223 THOUSAND emails demanding "guilty until proven innocent" be amended in DOLA by removing the breed discriminatory portions in DOLA. Still your party continues to do nothing to right that injustice?   
Three bills have been put forth to correct this injustice for Ontario citizens.  Bill 16 has passed 2nd reading AND committee meetings and is currently waiting for you to call it forth yet you cry out for a single person to not be assumed guilty?  You as our government house leader dare to ignore the call demanding ALL citizens be presumed innocent and NOT automatically "guilty" under current Ontario law? 
Under the freedom of information act in 2007 it was found ONE Ontarian EVERY 3 days received a provincial offence for owning an assumed "illegal dog".  The crime being what the family pet looked like? These citizens also could lose professional status and their ability to earn an income as they are currently guilty in law. Going to court their only recourse to prove innocence.
Citizenship should never be a two-tier system. The justice system is for all people. This can end for many when you call Bill 16 for 3rd reading. Let legislative democracy occur and give Canadian Charter Rights back to THOUSANDS of non-offending Ontario citizens.
Do your job as government house leader for all citizens of Ontario.  
Call Bill 16 forth for 3rd reading now.   
Fran Coughlin
Advocate for Responsible Dog Ownership
Activist Against Breed Specific Legislation
Co-Founder of Hersheys Anti-BSL Group



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